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Mystery Castle HD - Episode 4

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The Mystical PagodaJoin Monty the wizard on yet another adventure as he explores an ornate pagoda, which is being shattered to its core by lava and ice. A nasty Monster Baron at the centre of the pagoda is responsible for all the havoc and destruction. Monty has to stop him!
Monty will have to possess the golems and ghosts and control them to do his bidding, as he battles his way through the crumbling castle. Walk safely on lava as a Fire Golem or fly through the air as a ghost. At last, you can use the monsters to your advantage!
Can you figure out all the puzzles and vanquish the Monster Baron before the pagoda crumbles to smithereens?
Mystery Castle: The Mystical Pagoda is suitable for players of all ages with sharp wits that enjoy brainteasers, puzzles and adventure.
• Designed both for new players and those that have played through other episodes.• 36 stages of amazement and adventure.• Unique to this episode: transform into a troll, bat or toad.• Hint system to help players progress further.• Humorous dialogue• 4 bonus stages from Episode 1 - The Fortress Underground• 4 bonus stages from Episode 2 - The Frozen Citadel• 4 bonus stages from Episode 3 - The Enchanted Tower• 4 bonus stages from Episode 5 - The Tomb of Fear